Building your First Joomla website: A Guide


Selecting a content management system can be extremely tricky. If you select in hurry, without clearly defining your set of requirements, you might be seduced by fancy functionality, appealing features and other additional functionalities that you will never use. To create an appealing website, it is important for you to ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled and you get all the features you desire. As a Joomla developer, you must know the in’s and the out’s of every website you … [Continue reading...]

New And Old Players Offering Latest Mobiles To Cement Positions


Mobile phones have become the latest fad to hit the market. Several varieties and technologies that have never been seen before have just made it impossible to be just able to make the choice of buying one that can be called the perfect one. There have been a lot of advancements in the field of mobile technology and there should not be any question in the minds of people as to the reason why. The research and development teams of the mobile manufacturers are working overtime to bring that one … [Continue reading...]

How to Convert HTML Pages to PDF


A PDF (Portable format file) file meets all legal requirements as per court of law and is a ‘read only’ document that cannot be edited without leaving an ‘electronic footprint’. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) file is a web document sharing which is very cumbersome due to incompatibility issues with different browsers. HTML files cannot be scaled and do not meet security considerations therefore these files are converted into PDF files so that the sharing procedure is carried out … [Continue reading...]

Checklist to Follow before Registering a Domain Name

domain _name

Owning a domain name has become essential due to the fact that it is beneficial to have your own online permanent address. For acquiring a more professional image in a business, an attractive domain name is required. Whenever, people start a new venture, the first thing they look out for is popularizing it in every possible manner. Registering a domain name has become a necessity, as it demonstrates the qualities and services provided by your company. Therefore, before opting for a service … [Continue reading...]

Smartphones in India – Demands on the Rise


Mobile phones have gone through a lot revolutionary changes. The craze for every category of phone is always up in the market. From basic to high-end technology phones, all have their own market space and customer base. Invention of Smartphones is one of the best revolutions in the communication industry. Smartphones are technologically much different phones from regular feature phones. These phones are equipped with latest software, powerful hardware and other advanced features. Using a … [Continue reading...]

Wow! New Kindle 8.9 HD Has Arrived, Wouldn’t You Try It?

If you have been an avid kindle reader then this post will earn your attention. Yea! We are talking about the recent release from Amazon. Recently, the giant online retailer has launched the recent version of its e-book reader called Kindle. This is about Kindle Fire HD 8.9. Some great gadget reviewing sites like CNT has already declared it as the best Kindle device. Similarly, this exclusive device is decreasing the sales rates of iconic iPad devices, which are like foundation bricks of tablet … [Continue reading...]