Samsung goes Android for smartwatch line

Above: New music controller in Wear OS.

First published on TTNewsday of June 29, 2021

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ??Spain, Patrick Chomet, Samsung’s Head of Customer Information, announced the company’s plans to use Google Wear OS with its new list of smartwatch devices.

Samsung’s older smartwatches will not receive software updates, but will receive three years of software support from the company.

It’s a big move for Samsung, a return to Android for software that supports its smartwatches, but it was inevitable.

Tizen, the software the company used to upgrade its smartwatch line was a running OS, but it became one of the most popular apps the developers could configure, while Google Wear won a huge range of smartwatch user apps.

Tizen is a Linux-based program that is also used on the company’s Smart TVs.
For its part, Google did not have a marquee smartwatch manufacturer using its Wear OS, and it needed market power brought by the Samsung Galaxy product.
It may be Osborne’s moment of the current line of Galaxy Watch products, because only the most casual users can buy the Watch 3 where the most ridiculous Watch 4 is likely to be part of the product line for many upcoming expectations. . very symbolic of the upcoming uninterrupted event that has been mentioned over and over again at the MWC Samsung event.

This step was no secret. Last month at Google I / O, Sameer Samat, Google’s VP for Product Management for Android and Wear announced Samsung’s integration into software for portable devices.
Samat returned to today’s event to set the standard for collaboration, he said, noting well performance, long battery life and access to a thriving engineering system.

The new Wear OS takes advantage of Samsung’s performance on Tizen and responds up to 30 percent faster.
Any future Galaxywatchwatch will also have eSim support, allowing the smartwatch to run independently from a paired smartphone and access to Google’s health platform.

Samsung has noted their contribution to research work on device sensors in the new OS.
Samsung’s new smartwatches will also have a strong integration with Android mobile cables via Google’s One UI, allowing apps with a smartwatch component to download the Wear OS version of the software to Wear OS when installed on a smartphone.

Synchronization was high on the corporate announcement agenda, first with Google Wear, and then with Microsoft’s extensive integration that allows syncing notifications across all user devices, including Windows PCs with more Microsoft Office software integration on Samsung tablets and smartphones.

Recognizing that reports account for 45 percent of domestic workers under covid19 limits, up from 14 percent prior to the epidemic, Samsung announced further improvements in its Knox-based security product operated by the public and private companies.

In Germany, Samsung is working with government agencies to work on the country’s EID product.
Samsung is committed to general support and security upgrades for multiple products up to three years for personal products and five years for business devices.

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