The new invention has been supported by the sponsorship of Innovate UK ICURE and continued funding through the Scottish SMART program from Scottish Enterprise.

06/29/21, 05:06 AM | Solar & Wind, Energy Storage and Grids
Edinburgh – On Tuesday 29 June 2021: The launch of the University of Edinburgh REOptimize Systems, has completed a seed subsidy cycle to accelerate transactions with its wind turbine development technology. Developed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology related to this, this successful innovation will increase energy production in commercial wind turbines. Optimize has completed a $ 300,000 equity seed equity funded by a group of investors including Ian Marchant, former chief utility manager. SSE giant and Johnnie Andringa, a successor to wind energy and other renewable energy technologies.

REOptimize Systems has recently incorporated its technology into a number of commercial projects, achieving an increase in annual power output of more than 6% on two medium-sized turbines and promising first results for turbines on the aid scale.

Medium-sized turbines were 60kW and 100kW of high quality moving through Italy and the UK, and, in addition to improved power generation, REOptimize also experienced significant reductions in motion, and random switching.

The company is now participating in a project to test the Siemens 2.3 MW power plant in Germany. Preliminary results promised that REOptimize would release the technology to Nokia’s fleet by the end of the year.

REOptimize software uses a combination of AI and expert modeling techniques to analyze large amounts of high-performance turbine performance data.

The technology then acquired new wind turbine controller settings that suspended power production without increasing loads or other adverse effects on the turbine. This is available without hardware or software configurations on turbines, instead of making a well-planned change in existing control settings.

Commenting on the projects, NOTE Program Director Richard Crozier says:

“This is an exciting time for the company as we move from a strong R&D focus, to presenting our product in the market. Our successful mid-range projects have shown that our reduced loss technology works for our customers. The Siemens 2.3 MW turbine proves to be viable again. on multi-MW turbines and on a scale of customer support.

With our technology we can make a huge difference in the lower levels of turbine owners, and ultimately have a greater impact on climate change. ”

REOptimize technology was developed over seven years by Dr. JP Echenique, the company’s Chief Technical Officer and other colleagues at The University of Edinburgh, a well-known European Artificial Intelligence Center.Reorganize leading investor Johnnie Andringa, an experienced businessman at Wind Energy and Renewable Technologies, commented:

“From the beginning I saw that JP and Richard were very skilled experts in the field of AI and wind control. During the design even the control resonance was postponed which means there is no significant reduction in fatigue! ”

REMEMBER Systems is the trade name of Power Enable Solutions Limited. The development is supported by Innovate UK ICURE funding and continued funding through the Scottish SMART program from Scottish Enterprise.


About re-programming

REOptimize Systems is developing an AI-based software platform that acquires new wind turbine settings that increase annual power generation and reduce pressures on certain components.

The company was founded in 2017 to sell technology developed over seven years at The University of Edinburgh. Renewable energy provides regulatory adjustment of turbine owners and operators that can increase annual energy production by up to 6%, which could be a double benefit of wind farm power.

Reset patented algorithms and related software calculate the appropriate settings for each turbine, taking into account different engine conditions and features. Our preparation is proven in kW and MW on commercial air scale. By proving the efficiency of technology and the number of transactions on the Utility scale, the company is changing from start to finish.


Company Information: [email protected] | Phone: +44 0131 472 4807 Floor 2 Murchison House, 10 Max Born Crescent, Kings Buildings, EH9 3BF.
06/29/21, 05:06 AM | Solar & Wind, Energy Storage and Grids

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